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Potato Knishes Song

Potato Knishes Song

Bahl Zooker is a character in Morphers: The Movie, based on Little King John from Ratboy Genius.


Early Life

Zooker was hated by the other Norphers because his ears were bigger then his head, as well as being hideous.

Later Life

Zooker built devices to turn Norphers into potato knishes, potato pancakes, black squashy balls, little black worms, centipedes, and other Jewish foods. He was found by Florence, and Zooker kidnapped her and a Norpher who he turned into a potato knish, then a potato pancake, then a squishy black worm, and finally a centipede. She called him the ugly. This caused Zooker to commit suicide by turning himself into a potato knish. The potato knish was later eaten by Norphinator.