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Backfire is a 2020 American action science-fiction heist film developed by Shatara Studios and Regency Enterprises and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing in the U.S. and 20th Century Fox internationally.


When a meteor crash lands on Earth and is salvaged by scientists, a group of low-life criminals infiltrate their research facility, stealing pieces of the meteor to sell on the black market to pay a debt with a powerful crime syndicate that threatens them and everyone they care for.





  • The film's working title during development was Meteor Shower.

Behind the Scenes

  • Originally, Red Shogun planned on making a fanon version of Sony's Marvel Universe, which was set to contain a film based on the Spider-Man villain Looter / Meteor Man (Norton Fester). The shared universe was scrapped before being posted on the wiki, with the Looter film being reworked as a standalone superhero heist film similar to Marvel Studios' Ant-Man. The film was ultimately scrapped, but character elements and plot ideas were reworked into original concepts that were expanded on and ultimately became Backfire.
  • Due to the abuse controversy between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Sony Pictures announced the film would be put on hold in order to find a suitable actor to replace Johnny Depp's performance and would be aiming to rewrite portions of the script to further develop characters, specifically the relationship between Ahmed Brimsmyer and Gerald Richards, and would be focusing on performing extensive reshoots. Columbia Pictures sold their production investment to Regency Enterprises, and subsequently 20th Century Fox took over distribution internationally.