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Art of the champion is a new blockbuster, it is produced by Sky Studios.


Jason ikwana is a normal person until a mysterious envolope is sent to him,asking him to compete in the brawl of the mind, when he refuses, he thinks his desire to be normal is forever until his sister goes missing, and now, he must win the brawl,or the guild of doomsday will have more slaves.


  • Skylanderlord as Jason ikwana: the main protagonist, he only wants to be normal, but because of his sister's disappearance, he needs to compete in the brawl of the mind.
  • PeaceableKingdom as master juja: the last of a mysterious race known as the kunikak, he is an expert warrior and mage, and age hasn't hindered his skills,or stopped him from passing his wisdom to Jason,as his mentor.
  •  ??? As Morgan Morton: a warrior who just wants to get home, he possesses a ferocious rivalry with Jason
  •  ??? As David raxz: a nerd who is Morgan's partner, he has a obsession with technology, and is kind unlike most brawlers.
  •  ??? As Dan Ryder: a athlete who specializes in speed and hates slaverey
  •  ??? As Jenny ikwana: Jason's sister who gets captured by Drake doomsday to lure Jason into the brawl
  •  ??? As Luca zero: partner-in-Crime of drake doomsday and one of the main antagonists.
  •  ??? As Noah maverick: the double agent in the guild of doomsday and a protagonist.
  •  ???,??? and ??? As the guards: cheater-haters who are the protectors of the guild of doomsday
  •  ??? As drake doomsday: the leader of the guild of doomsday and the main antagonist