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[Episode starts in Norpher Land.]

Major Norpher: Alright, Norphers!

Norpher 3: Norph. (Salutes.)

Norpher 2: Norph. (Salutes.)

Norpher 1: Norph! (Hits Norpher 2 while doing salute.)

Major Norpher: (Pointing at a chalkboard with a crassly-drawn Zak, Sebastian, and Morpher Wheel on it.) If we are gonna get serious about stopping the Morphers from Morphing, we have gotta start by fracturing all their Morpher Wheels! You are gonna bring an Ingrid Morpher Wheel! (Throws Norpher 1.) And you're gonna bring me an Ernest Morpher Wheel! (Kicks Norpher 2.) And you! You are gonna bring me a Christian Morpher Wheel! Now, dig! (Pushes a shovel at Norpher 3, he digs and Norpher 1 runs in, his face melted.) Back so soon?! Where is my Ingrid Morpher Wheel?! (Norpher 3 comes out of the pit.) What happened to you? (Norpher 3 falls, revealing a footprint on his butt.) Uh oh! A Christian footprint! Ah! These Norphers are hopeless! (Lightning electrocutes him and Norpher 2 appears in another zap.) Well, Norpher?

Norpher 2: Norph. Norph. (Takes out a Christian/Ernest Morpher Wheel from his backpack.)

Major Norpher: (Maniac laughs.) A Morpher Wheel! (Zak & Sebastian Morph appears from Norpher 2's backpack.) IT IS A Morph!! (Zak & Sebastian Morph summons hovering stones that surround and electrocute him.) YOU MEN ARE RETARDS!!

[Norphers laugh.]

Norpher 1: Norph!