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Agent Ghost is an action sci-fi tv show about a man called Magnus Specter, who lives a double-life as Agent Ghost, a spy working for the Top Secret Task Force.


Magnus Specter has a job as an ordinary accountant for Legion Electronics, a big-time electrics company. But secretly, he works as an undercover spy for the Top Secret Task Force, a spy group situated inside the Legion Electronics Skyscraper. Together with his partner, Allen McBlast, They fight villains.



Season 1:

  • The First Mission
  • The Telebrae Case
  • The Doom Agency
  • Time-Travel Chaos (TAOV Crossover)
  • TBC
  • TBC
  • TBC
  • Inspecting the Apartment (TALOVAG Crossover)
  • The SS Mark 3
  • TBC
  • The Duel between the Agents
  • The Final Battle

Season 2:

  • Back in Business
  • Working Undercover (Undercover Crossover)
  • The End of Time (4 part crossover with The Creature Hunt, Tales of Time, and TAOV)


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