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Adventure Time: The Quest for Ooo is a upcoming mobile game created by The Sly Guy Studios in collaboration with Cartoon Network Games and Frederator Studios. The game is based on the show of the same name. The game's BETA will release December 2018.

App Description


From The Sly Guy Studios, creator of GameTime: A Whole New Wiki, and in collaboration with Cartoon Network Games and Frederator Studios, comes the city building game that lets you create your own living, breathing Land of Ooo! When Magic Man brings and destroys Ooo to Mars for his interdimensional contest, it's time to battle rival dimensions and save Ooo from ultimate destruction!

Collect Your Favorite Characters!

Help reunite Finn with his friends like Jake, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, Lumpy Space Princess, Lady Rainicorn and Marceline as well as his former enemies and rivals, like Ice King, Gunter, Fern, and many others. Re-populate Ooo with your favorite characters, from fan-favorite inhabitants like Susan Strong, Flame Princess, and Peppermint Butler, to old characters like N.E.P.T.R., Shelby, and Choose Goose. Collect them all! Dress your characters with costumes like Dungeon Finn, Tuxedo Jake or Huntress Marceline, and relive epic moments and scenes from your favorite episodes of Adventure Time!

Take Charge of Your Ooo!

Control the lives of the citizens of Ooo and complete missions to unlock brand new stories and animations animated by Rough Draft Studios, the original animation company of Adventure Time! Watch Princess Bubblegum conduct science, Jake make bacon pancakes, and even BMO skateboard throughout Ooo.

Build Your Own Ooo!

Think the Treehouse must be next to the Breakfast Kingdom? Or MO Co. should be near Beautopia? Well you can finally make Ooo just the way you want it! Expand your town to the Badlands, explore the vast lands of Lumpy Space, and enjoy all of Ooo with only a few easy taps.

Experience Unique Adventure Time Stories!

Catch exclusive animated scenes and new hilarious and algebraic stories from the writers of Adventure Time. The Quest For Ooo is the official Adventure Time mobile game! Experience brand new characters, costumes and tales like never before!

Battle It Out!

Fight, brawl and duke other players in PvP mode and upgrade your characters to make them even stronger and powerful unlock special abilities, final attacks and animations or battle dimensional monsters and beings in the story mode.

Always Something New Every Week!

Ooo may be apart of a giant dimensional battle, but at least it has more stories to tell than that. Whether it’s Halloween crime scenes, wizards running amok, or chaos caused by Princess Bubblegum's inventions, you'll never get bored as brand new content launch every week!

Play Adventure Time: The Quest For Ooo for free to experience a brand new Adventure Time game! Don't forget to watch episodes of Adventure Time only on Cartoon Network!


Story Mode

Grass Lands

  • Finn
  • Jake in Tree Fort
  • Lumpy Space Princess in Hobo Tent
  • Marceline in Marceline's House


  • BMO in MO Co.
  • Tree Trunks in Tree Trunk's House

Candy Kingdom

  • Gunter in Candy Kingdom Graveyard
  • Princess Bubblegum in Candy Kingdom Castle

Earldom of Lemongrab

  • Earl of Lemongrab in Castle Lemongrab
  • Peppermint Butler in Vault of Bones

Ice Kingdom

  • Ice King in Ice Kingdom Castle
  • N.E.P.T.R. in Mountain Man

Bad Lands

  • Cinnamon Bun in Desert of Doom Temple
  • Lady Rainicorn in Lady Rainicorn's House

Underwater City

  • Coming Soon!

Fire Kingdom

  • Coming Soon!

Dark Forest

  • Coming Soon!

Premium Characters

  • Huntress Wizard in Huntress Wizard's House (300 Gems)
  • Flambo in Fire Volcano (250 Gems)
  • Rattleballs in Junkyard Arena (120 Gems)
  • Hot Dog Princess in Hot Dog Kingdom (50 Gems)



Candy Kingdom

  • Pajama Finn
  • Long Hair Finn

Ice Kingdom

  • Dungeon Finn
  • Shadow Finn

Special Costume

  • Silent King Finn


Candy Kingdom

  • Captain Jake

Castle Lemongrab

  • Tuxedo Jake

Ice Kingdom

  • Milkman Jake


Castle Lemongrab

  • Huntress Marceline

Princess Bubblegum

The Badlands

  • Lab Princess Bubblegum
  • Warrior Princess Bubblegum

Ice King

The Badlands

  • Nice King


Grass Lands

  • Square Cube House
  • Rectangle Cube House
  • T-Shape Cube House
  • L-Shape Cube House
  • Fluffet Muffet
  • Fluffy Store
  • Veggie House
  • Old Lady House
  • Mushroom House
  • Goblin Kingdom
  • Goblin Kingdom Building
  • Hot Dog Kingdom
  • Banana Man's House


  • Suzy & Sue's Candles
  • Carpet Shop
  • Bread Shop
  • Farmer's Market Stand
  • Duchy of Nuts
  • Dungeon of the Crystal Eye
  • Gumbald's Cabin
  • Institute of So Und
  • Library
  • Joshua and Margaret's House
  • Marauder House
  • Mr. Fox's House
  • Mount Cragdor
  • Mystery Mountains
  • Freak City
  • Chipmunk Cave
  • The Hall of Egress
  • The Cobbler
  • Wizard City House
  • Grand Master Wizard's Palace
  • Wizard Village

Candy Kingdom

  • Candy Kingdom Preschool
  • Candy Drugstore
  • Candy Kingdom Hospital
  • Candy Kingdom Mental Hospital
  • Candy Orphanage
  • Tartorium
  • Coolest Hotel
  • Pizza Sassy's
  • Root Beer Guy's Workplace
  • Candy Tavern
  • Candy Convenience Store
  • James' Apartment
  • Museum of Natural History

Castle Lemongrab

  • Lemon House
  • Box Kingdom
  • Carnival Kingdom
  • Farming Village
  • Fight King's Arena
  • Magic Man's House
  • Mountain Kingdom
  • Rump Town House
  • Spell Palace
  • Squeez-E-Mart
  • Wildberry Kingdom
  • Wizard Battle Arena

Ice Kingdom

  • Black Ice Cave
  • Cloud Kingdom
  • Gauntlet Dock
  • Hall of Just Ice
  • Lizard Kingdom
  • Maja's house
  • Muscle Princess' castle
  • South Woobeewoo House
  • Village Windmill
  • Village House
  • Wet Pipes Waterpark

Bad Lands

  • Royal Congressional Hall
  • Slime Kingdom
  • Breakfast Kingdom
  • Dead Mountain
  • Ant Nation
  • Basket & Boots
  • City of Thieves Rooftop
  • City of Thieves House
  • King of Thieves' Tower
  • Penny's Tent
  • Desert Kingdom
  • Tiny Mammal Kingdom
  • Spiky Village Building
  • Worm College


Grass Lands

  • Lake Szelezon
  • Grass Hole
  • Fluff Kingdom Gate
  • Fluffy Tree
  • Tree
  • Bush
  • Stanley
  • Veggie People
  • Flower
  • Lawn Chair
  • RV
  • Mailbox
  • Fence
  • Petal Group
  • Mushroom
  • Mushroom Bush
  • Old Tree
  • Field
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Table
  • Wheel
  • Weeds
  • Goblin Tree
  • Electrical Generator
  • Veggie Garden
  • Well
  • Plant
  • Pond


  • Thorny Bush
  • Forest Tree
  • Rock
  • Leaf
  • Log
  • Sign Log
  • Long Branch Tree
  • Waterfall
  • Lake
  • Acid River
  • Trap Bridge
  • Melon
  • Face Tree
  • Face Bush
  • Bin of Fruits
  • Hill
  • Rock Hill
  • Sky Hill
  • Stone Fence
  • Animal Skin Fence
  • Half Cut Tree
  • Jukebox
  • Volcano
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • Tire
  • Mount Cragdor Gate
  • Pile of Rocks
  • Branches
  • Car Door
  • River of Junk
  • TV
  • Mud
  • Sunken Ship
  • Metal Tower
  • Picture Frame
  • Skeleton
  • Stock Woods
  • Stone Pillar
  • Ground Wall

Candy Kingdom

  • Cotton Candy Tree
  • Rock Candy Mountain
  • Lollipop Sign
  • Candy Kingdom Weed
  • Obstacle Course
  • Candy Kingdom Mushroom
  • Candy Kingdom Rock
  • Dumpster
  • Water Fountain
  • Pizza Sassy's Delivery Car
  • Candy Kingdom Bush
  • Marshmallow Rock
  • Candy Wall
  • Candy Lake
  • Royal Tart Path
  • Bench
  • Bridge
  • Lake Butterscotch
  • Bait Shop
  • Candy Kingdom Flower
  • No Boating Sign

Earldom of Lemongrab

  • Lemon Tree
  • Wood Pillar
  • Pink Mountain
  • Lemon Rock
  • Wood Piece
  • Tall Path
  • Tall Bridge
  • Fallen Tree
  • Lemon Machine
  • Lemon Sign
  • Lemon Field
  • Earl of Lemongrab Statue
  • Lemon
  • Lemon Carriage
  • Security Booth
  • Earldom Barrier

Ice Kingdom

  • Snow Hill
  • Ice Peak
  • Ice Surface
  • Ice Puddle
  • Wood Cart
  • Ice Piece

Bad Lands

  • Stone Hedge
  • Rock
  • Skull Body
  • Broken Boat
  • Garbage Can
  • Wide Stone
  • Skull
  • Stone Tower
  • Stick Boat
  • Hobo Camp
  • Abandoned Bridge




  • Finn
  • Long Hair Finn
  • Marceline
  • Peppermint Butler
  • Warrior Princess Bubblegum


  • BMO
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Earl of Lemongrab
  • Hot Dog Princess
  • Lute Finn
  • Silent King Finn


  • Gunter
  • Milkman Jake
  • Nice King
  • Rattleballs
  • Shadow Finn


  • Captain Jake
  • Dungeon Finn
  • Jake
  • Lady Rainicorn
  • Lumpy Space Princess


  • Flambo
  • Huntress Marceline
  • N.E.P.T.R.
  • Pajama Finn
  • Lab Princess Bubblegum
  • Tuxedo Jake
  • Tree Trunks


  • Huntress Wizard
  • Ice King
  • Princess Bubblegum



  • The game was revealed on September 3, 2018, a few hours after the airing of Adventure Time's series finale, Come Along With Me.
  • The game is the second town building game to developed by The Sly Guy Studios. The first was GameTime: A Whole New Wiki.
    • It is the first town building game by The Sly Guy Studios to be based on a licensed property.
  • The trailer shows that GameTime: A Whole New Wiki's multiverse takes place within Adventure Time: The Quest For Ooo's multiverse.
  • The game is non-canon with the show's primary storyline.