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4Corners is an animated LEGO series created by Thefunstreamer and MilesRS677. It involes four 12 year old friends living in a penthouse apartment. The first three episodes were shown as a 90-minute pilot movie entitled 4Corners: The Beginning on June 29, 2017.


Mark Smith, Luke Hopkins, Veronica Jackson, and Ryan Williams win a contest in which they move into a penthouse apartment in Cornerville. While in the penthouse, they learn to get along and things that are ordinary or out the ordinary can happen.


The rest of the cast will be announced soon.


Season 1

  • 1. Welcome to Cornerville
  • 2. School Drools
  • 3. Party Panic
  • 4. Mark, Veronica, and Ryan's Day Off
  • 5. Missing a Talent
  • 6. 4Quadrants

The rest of the episodes will be announced soon.


  • The show is also a franchise on LEGO Dimensions Customs Wiki.
  • A comic book adaption will possibly be in production.
  • The transcripts for each episode will be in separate pages.

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