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1001 Spears: Game Breakout is a film based off of The LEGO Game-Changer Movie, only with video games made by 1001 Spears. It comes on April 20, 2017.

Parent's Guide

Sex & Nudity


  • Herb (Game Breaker) frequently jokes he is in love with his friend's son.
  • When in Venture, after destroying a tree, Herb gets the "Morning Wood" badge (it is in the actual game, so not much to worry about).

Violence & Gore


  • Frequent cannibal-related violence. All of this is comedic, but some is graphic.
  • Cannibals bite people. Several bites are shown.
  • A newscaster says the easiest way of killing a cannibal is removing it's head or destroying the heart.
  • A cannibal is bludgeoned to death. No blood is shown.
  • Herb and Robert throw an assortment of household items at two approaching cannibals.
  • Robert throws a music disc at a cannibal, it shatters on its head, leaving shards embedded in its skin.
  • A cannibal is briefly seen eating from the exposed head of a dead person. This is extremely brief.
  • Herb, Robert, and Jonah beat a cannibal with twigs. This is done in-time to music, and is meant for comedic purposes.
  • A man is implied to be eviscerated and dismembered by a crowd of cannibals. Super graphic implication.
  • A man shoots a cannibal in the chest. Brief view of the exit wound, no blood. (The cannibal turns out to be the man's son).
  • A man is bitten on the neck by cannibals (not graphic).
  • At the film's climax, the military arrive on scene, and neutralize the cannibal hoard with gunfire. Lots of bullet impacts, but no blood.
  • The alien enemies from Jonah's Missions arrive by the climax, and half destroy and burn the city. Considering they have laser eyes, lots of people are killed.



  • One use of "p***y" in the first five minutes, but as a not vulgar joke.
  • One use of "f*ck".
  • 4 uses of "sh*t".
  • 3 uses of "dick".
  • 1 use of "ass".
  • 2 religious exclamations.
  • 1 use of "s****e".
  • 1 use of "wanker".
  • 1 obscene hand gesture.



  • Adults are shown drinking potions (some kids might think it is liquor). Herb and Jonah are shown to be slightly inebriated in one scene.
  • Robert grows poppies in his garden (no drug usage is implied, as it is only made for dyes in the game).
  • Herb says his friend sells "Somewhat a lot of smokes every now and again", and Jonah mentions how he once sold a pipe to a friend.

Frightening/Intense Scenes


  • It's important to remember that this film is a comedy film. The violence is frequent and pervasive, but its impact is significantly lessened by the overall comedic tone of the film and lack of gore.
  • The theme of cannibals and the violence could be considered to be mildly scary to audiences. The cannibals themselves are always wearing limbs for clothes.
  • A man is implied to have been eviscerated, dismembered, and eaten alive by a hoard of cannibals, all off-screen. This is the most graphic scene in the entire movie, even though it is only an implication.
  • The death of one particular character (the son) is extremely sad.

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for cannibal violence and language.


  • 1001 Spears: Game Breakout and 9 are the only PG-13 rated animated movies rated mainly for violence which have no blood.