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1001 Spears is a company founded by Brendan.



Brendan has created two shows to be shown on Frick TV: Metaworld and Galaxy Adventures. Marty had no involvement in Metaworld except giving Brendan permission to put it in, Marty will also appear in Galaxy Adventures, alongside other users on LMMCU Wikia. His third LMMCU show, Morphers, is coming in February 2017, and will have Marty cast as Kristian.

Video Games

Venture is the first 1001 Spears video game, released in May 2015. 2015 also saw the released of Biomecha: The Video Game, along with the movie. Brendan's first game involving the LMMCU is Wikia Warfare.


Biomecha: The Helmet of Power is the first 1001 Spears movie.


Rotten Tomatoes


Entrance Comics


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